Mémoires de Master 2 soutenus à la Faculté Jean Monnet

Stratégie et Management à l'international
Année universitaire : 2019-20

  • Auteur : Ines Dib
  • Directeur : Sandra Charreire Petit

Crisis management and Strategic adaptation of marketing agencies during COVID-19: Study of Cogora, a healthcare marketing agency 

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  • Résumé :

    The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise and has had dramatic consequences on the world population and the global economy. Authorities of all countries took severe measures which in many cases included total lockdown. This caused a dramatic decrease in consumption and interruptions of production which then led to an economic disaster. All sectors were touched by the crisis including the marketing and advertising industry.

    Marketing agencies like Cogora have been struggling with clients postponing or cancelling events and reducing marketing expenditures. Crisis management is characterized by multiple phases: Pre-crisis (Signal detection and Prevention), crisis management (Damage limitation) and post-crisis (Recovery and Learning). To mitigate the crisis, marketing agencies pushed for live event to become digital, more online presence, data visualization etc. Agencies creativity, adaptability, diversity and flexibity as well as important client base and good relationship with them were crucial assets during COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has impacted consumers need and behaviours, leaving place to a “new world”. It is crucial for marketing agencies to analyse those and develop a new strategy according to them.

  • Langue du texte : English
  • Mots-clés : Advertising, Communication, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Crisis management, Marketing
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    • Gestion de projets
    • Management
    • Marketing international
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