Mémoires de Master 2 soutenus à la Faculté Jean Monnet

Stratégie et Management à l'international
Année universitaire : 2019-20

  • Auteur : Marcha Monita Ayu Putri
  • Directeur : Fatima Shuwaikh

An Analysis of Internationalization Strategy: How is the entry strategy of French company in a new territory (evidence from Indonesia) 

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  • Résumé :

    The eagerness to develop and taking for all opportunities has been really existing since a very long time. That is the reason why there are a lot of MNE (Multi-National Enterprise) across the globe. The ambition of growing business has become more normal for them. And the purpose of this research is to analyse the process of internationalization itself and the strategy to enter an international new market.

    This research conduct of two steps, the first is by doing a literature review, to have a guideline of the study, and the second is by doing case studies from several French companies. The data collection of this qualitative study has been done by interviewing three French companies which are Groupe Renault, Michelin Group and Tereos Group, the companies that were already being MNE since the beginning of the 90s and also has already established in Indonesia (the object of this study). The objective of this study is to have a new framework of the entry mode strategy of establishment in Indonesia. And for the result, a framework was created thanks to the case studies from the three companies. There are two main aspects, the firm factors and the target country factors which have three main factors in both aspects. These elements are essential before choosing which mode that the MNE would do.

  • Langue du texte : English
  • Mots-clés : Internationalization process, Entry strategy, Establishment, Business in Indonesia
  • Domaine(s) :
    • Management
    • Stratégie
  • Nombre de pages : 62