Mémoires de Master 2 soutenus à la Faculté Jean Monnet

Stratégie et Management à l'international
Année universitaire : 2015-16

  • Auteur : Hanyun Lu
  • Directeur : Jean-Louis Truel

The Cross-Cultural between France and China: A Comparative study of Chinese-western cultures 

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  • Résumé :

    This dissertation investigates and describes the concept of the influence of Cross-Cultural between France and China, the study examines the cultural differences between China and France adopted by body art and communication. A case study method will be employed and was accomplished through qualitative methods of data collection and analysis.
    This dissertation first described the background of Chengdu and France. Then the project of Chengdu Sino-France Eco-Park, elaborated on the background and significance of the establishment, development path, present situation. Thirdly, a typical case analysis--- Chine & France Eco-Art Exposition giving focus: firstly, from a contrastive study of ethical conception on Chinese-western body art, pointed out that the cultural differences are the root causes of ethical different, and different ethics has an effect on different attitudes towards body art. Secondly, examined the Sino-French Business Activities are influenced by cultural differences. An awareness of and a skill in intercultural communications are now in urgent demand for further promoting international cooperation.

  • Langue du texte : English
  • Mots-clés : Cultural differences, body art, ethics, intercultural communications, Chinese and Western, Sino-France
  • Domaine(s) :
    • Gestion de projets
    • Management
  • Nombre de pages : 65
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