Mémoires de Master 2 soutenus à la Faculté Jean Monnet

Stratégie et Management à l'international
Année universitaire : 2016-17

  • Auteur : Karina Fonseca Soares
  • Directeur : Florent Pestre

Internationalization Through Franchising 

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    Franchising is a major trend in the business world nowadays. In a globalized world with a need to grow big and fast, franchising appears to be the cheapest and fasted way to expand a business. It offers adaptability and uniformity when entering new markets. In this article, we have reviewed three theories that explain the reason why firms decide to franchise, namely resources scarcity theory, agency theory and plural from theory. Despite the fact that several studies have been made, the theories expounded in them lack the empirical evidence necessary to fully explain this phenomenon. We have concentrated on analyzing the Turijobs franchising strategy in Portugal and the ownership redirection decision from a rational and economic perspective. A few recommendations are suggested to develop better franchising agreements in the future.

  • Langue du texte : English
  • Mots-clés : Franchising, Agency theory, Resources scarcity theory, Plural organizations, Internationalization, Adaptation, and Uniformity
  • Domaine(s) :
    • Management
    • Stratégie
  • Nombre de pages : 31